Why choose TUANLI PACKING as your plastic pallet and plastic container as supplier in China?

1.Professional And Factory Price:

We're a high technology and professional supplier,Integrated in sales and development,And has an experience and capable work team,Who can do from drawing to the final products.We're a factory,Because we're a factory,Direct sale at factory price,No other price.

2.Full Free Support:

Maybe you're stranger or not fimilar about which products can fit you better.E.g.When you selecting a pallet,There are many more factors to take into account.You must consider what material type will be best suited to your application,as well as size,loading capacity and style and whether the pallet can fit with your current logistics methods or not,etc.Our team will provide Full Free Support to you,Only just tell us your rough budget,idea or application...All left will be managed by us.THAT'S SO EASY!

3.Online Support Free:

We give Online Support Free by our teamviewer for customers or clients,Please contact with one of them directly,If you need a quick response.Or send us by mail:sales@plasticpalletscontainers.com.

4.Good Quality:

1.Firstly we select A1 degree raw material;

2.Manufacturing process,every step strictly under ISO9001&Industry Standard&International Standard;

3.Our factory workers well educated and instructed before going to their postition;

4.Our QC dept do check and controll from incoming raw material to the finished products,Inlcuding raw material,semi-product,product looking,loading capacity testing...

5.Quality Guarantee:

Every manufacturing step very strictly done under ISO9001&Industry Standard&International Standard,Which guarantee that our products are in good condition.We can replace them FREE for you if some defect ones found.

6.OEM Or Custom Design Available:

Some clients or customers maybe need some items for special usage,Please send requirements to mailbox: sales@plasticpalletscontainers.com,We'll reply to you soonest.

Contact Us

Contact: Jerry Zhang

Phone: 0086-138 6897 0285

Tel: 0086-579-8995 3794

Email: sales@plasticpalletscontainers.com

Add: Beiyuan Industrial Zone,Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province,China

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