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Single Deck Plastic Pallet Better,Or Double Deck Better

Single Deck Plastic Pallet Better,Or Double's?

Selection on single deck or double deck plastic pallet, It should be determined according to the appropriate storage,loading and unloading equipment,and status (such as warehouse type,shelf type,stacking or placing) and so on.

For small ASRS or high shelves, With vertical stacker or electric forklift mainly handling it,Heavy duty double or single deck pallet standard series can be selected.

If large area and horizontal transport-based application where a manual pallet truck is more suitable.Please use the single pallet.

If electric forklift,Both single or double deck pallets are suitable;For stacking goods,pallet bottom will coincide with the goods's surface,Double deck pallet,picture frame pallet,And single deck pallet are all available.

If using a self-propelled motorized pallet truck to handle,So nine feet single deck pallet with bottom not connected is better.

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