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Unbelievable-Plastic pallets VS Wooden pallets

Plastic Pallet And Wooden Pallets Comparision

Now plastic pallets is more and more poplular,And is replacing wooden's day by day,With the main following features:

1)Durability:Plastic pallet is about 10 times more than wooden pallets' life.

2)Reliability: Reliability plastic pallet structure greatly reduces the consumption of pallet damage,including material damage. plastic pallet is lighter than wooden's to reduce the weight and cost of transportion.

3)Healthier: Plastic pallets can be washed and reused, US Department of Agriculture is promoting companies to use them carrying products. And now the US Environmental Protection Agency should also realize that plastic pallets as the preferred product of the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Defense.

4)Global trends: The European Union has recently issued a decree in 2001 to claim that all the transport of food,beverage,pharmaceutical and must use plastic pallets.

5)Specific:Special plastic pallet on the commodity market will become increasingly popular, such as food,beverage,pharmaceutical industry,and according to different requirements of the plant,plastic pallet made from a variety of colors, with the corresponding company logos and marks.

6)Insurance:Due to the tamper-resistant plastic tray,A corresponding reduction in workers' compensation claims,and reduce the use of wood in the plant is equal to reduce fire insurance premiums.

7)Salvage:Used plastic pallets can be 30% of the original value of the sales price,as the anti-plastic pallets can sell back to the manufacturer or other entity reuse.

8)Green:Plastic pallets are environmentally friendly products,because they can all be recycled and reused,greatly reducing the waste and disposal costs.

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