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How To Select Pallet Size

How To Select Suitable Plastic Pallet

It's right way to select plastic pallet size,According to project requirements.Because different project,Different way to select.

1)First consider the specifications of the goods,Which will be palced on,And how to place them.

2)Consider where pallets will be loaded or used(such as containers, trucks, etc.). For example:If one-time use,Firstly you need to take transfering container width 2300mm as priority.If 1100 * 1100mm pallet, 2 columns placed,It's OK to select pallet with 4 or 2 ways to fork; And for 1200 * 1100mm pallet,Use a combination of 1200mm wide and 1000mm long placed, Must use 4 ways to fork.

3)If used on warehouse racking,It's necessary to consider racking width and depth dimensions,Usually select two pallets placed on one layer with round 200mm around storage gap space.

4)Also consider pallet size versatility,Common size like 1210 international standard, 1208 European standard and 1111 Japanese standard.

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