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How To Identify Plastic Pallet By Appearance

It’s a big headache problem for procurement personnel and users to know that how to identify quality of plastic pallets with reasonable prices.

Due to many varieties of plastic raw materials,And too complicated properties,So unless you're a professional,It’s too difficult to understand fully knowledge about all aspects of plastics.Just looking at those terms may be foggy,And suppliers or companies guarantee their product quality is the best.Under this conditions,How to choose? Here are a few simple methods:

100% Original Material Plastic Pallet Appearance:

1,Plastic pallet surface smooth,No burrs.

2, Uniform color,No black spots,,Impurities.

3,Brightness normal and harmonized.

4, Toughness,And slightly elastic.

5,No obvious crack when trampling or beating corner.

Remark:Picture below for reference.

original plastic pallet

Plastic Pallet Appearance When Plastic Filler Added:

Plastic filler like talcum powder (white) is very cheaper than new raw material (white).After added,Can make plastic pallet surface gloss look brighter.As the saying goes,It’s not normally bright,But also reduce the cost of production.Many people mistakenly believe that the plastic pallet is new or 100% original material,In fact the plastic pallet service life is shorter,And hard to reach related loading weight.Even worse than plastic pallet with a part of recycled material inside.

Plastic Pallet(Recycled Material,Or Some Part Recycled Added) Appearance:

1, Dark in color,Some black spots and impurities existing,which means part of recycled material added(Picture below for your reference).

recycled plastic pallet

2,Very dark,So Many many black spots and impurities existing,which means 100% recycled material.

3,Crack happens when trampling or beating corner,Material is brittle and inflexible.

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