What Our Customers Are Saying To Us

"It was considered to be 'extremely expensive' at the time,however the service and durability of these pallets are exceptional.There are no signs of wear other than mechanical damage on the pallets.I am confident that the pallets will have a useful life in excess of 10 years and without abuse they will last forever."

Anton-Norampac Inc.

"Thanks for making this delivery on such short notice,it's too much appreciated.I have nothing but good comments for the performance of these skids.They have cut our handling time in half and also have been useful in preventing damage to our products.I will continue to order again,Thanks to everyone for making this order happen in the time frame we needed."

Tim-Alcan Composites

"Their design and construction ensures compatibility with differing machinery on site.They are cleaner and more user friendly than conventional pallets and have become an integral part of the process helping to maintain our position as one of the leaders in our chosen market sector."

Alan-Insight Cartons

"Our folding carton plant has used TUANLI PACKING items since 2012. These are very durable.Over the years we save TOO MUCH!Order later.

Kevin-Stone Container Corporation

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Contact: Jerry Zhang

Phone: 0086-138 6897 0285

Tel: 0086-579-8995 3794

Email: sales@plasticpalletscontainers.com

Add: Beiyuan Industrial Zone,Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province,China

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