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Plastic Pallets and Plastic Containers, and Packing Solutions Professional Supplier  for Shipping and Storage

ZHEJIANG TUANLI PACKING has engaged in storage and transportation products since 2010,With our aim to provide customers one-stop service with less cost,less time,and less labour to fullfill their needs.

At TUANLI PACKING, we can help you select the best plastic pallets, pallet containers,plastic crates,and plastic dustbins for your application. Offering a variety of shipping and storage products including rackable pallets, stackable pallets, nestable pallets, collapsible containers, fixed-wall containers, export pallets, bulk bins, and plastic totes, we have cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

In addition to our in-stock plastic pallets,plastic pallet containers,plastic crates,and plastic dustbins,We also build customized service to better fulfill your unique requirements.

Since founded,TUANLI PACKING has been building quality relationships with customers all over the world,You can also call us or send us your requirements if no products listed there can fit you.

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Contact: Jerry Zhang

Phone: 0086-138 6897 0285

Tel: 0086-579-8995 3794

Email: sales@plasticpalletscontainers.com

Add: Beiyuan Industrial Zone,Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province,China

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